The Blind Shake


SXSW shows!

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SXSW schedule

Thursday, March 16:
2:30pm-Jim and the French Vanilla Crazy Ricky’s 1208 Chicon
8:30 The Blind Shake at Crazy Ricky’s 1208 Chicon

Friday, March 17:
Jim and the French Vanilla – Dirtnap showcase at Beerland

10pm Fuzzland Hootinany 2200 E 7th St.
12:30am The Blind Shake at Hotel Vegas

Saturday, March 18:
3pm The Blind Shake at 610 Vermont road

4:40 – The Blind Shake at 1808 east 12th st (Little Dickman party)

10pm: Shadow in the Cracks at Beerland
1am: The Blind Shake at Beerland

Side Projects from both Mike and Jim Blaha out now!

BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from intense Minneapolis surf-psych band The Blind Shake. His new album The Art of Not (Wet Bridge Records) is like watching someone’s brain slowly clench into a fist as the tension builds between catchy pop songs and dark, sonic obsessions.

The project erupted after a buildup of over 100 songs that fit less and less as Blind Shake songs given the lone gunman vibe and increased use of melody and dynamics. Now BLAHA has bloomed into a four-piece touring band, featuring current Karl TeBeast on drums, Dylan Rosen on guitar, and Allison Gunderson on bass. Catch them on a European tour March 22-April 2 as well as a live performance March 22 on BBC 6 with Marc Riley! Listen to the LP here!


Jim And The French Vanilla is the solo project of Jim Blaha from The Blind Shake.  This is his 3rd album under the Jim And The French Vanilla moniker, but the first to be made widely available. (the first 2 came out on CDR-only and limited-to-100 LP, respectively)

The first 2 albums were acoustic, one-man-band affairs, but on Afraid Of The House, Jim (along with his brother/bandmate in Blind Shake Mike Blaha) expands to a full band sound, to astonishing effect.  The basic songwriting retains the incredibly distinctive mystical, other-worldly atmosphere of The Blind Shake, but the instrumentation and sound are both stripped down to their essence, dialing way back on the heavy-psych stamp of the Blind Shake at their heaviest. Catch the full band at SXSW!




US Tour Dates Announced!



US Tour Dates 2016

October 29 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN

November 17 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI

November 18 Mickey’s Madison, WI

November 19 UFO Detroit, MI

November 20 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL

December 8 Berlin NY, NY

*December 9 WFMU radio on air
December 9 Monty Hall, Jersey City, NJ

December 10 Our Wicked Lady Brooklyn, NY

December 11 The Saint Asbury Park, NJ

December 15 Bar Pink San Diego, CA

December 16 The Griffin, LA

December 17 4th St. Vine, Long Beach, CA

December 18 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, CA

December 19 Night Light Oakland, CA

December 21 Bunk Bar Portland, OR

December 22 Funhouse Seattle, WA